Brighter Bites is committed to fostering a culture of inclusivity, equity, and accountability amongst our board, staff, and stakeholders in order to implement our program equitably to under resourced communities.

DEI: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.
The DEI Committee works to make meaningful change in the workplace to represent those who would, historically, be underrepresented. We open up the floor for everyone despite their culture, background, and anything that makes them their own person.

Our Vision:

  • We believe that we can increase our staff’s cultural competency and DEI knowledge through training and events, to create a company culture where we here at Brighter Bites are equipped to put our knowledge into practice.
  • We work to identify and advocate for strategies for DEI through Brighter Bites programming. From site recruitment to program promotion and implementation in the school communities that we serve.

Our Goals:

  • Every Brighter Bites employee will attend at minimum one required DEI training and one additional event from the DEI calendar.
    • Develop a curriculum to be used for internal staff training and education
  • Increasing the number of DEI candidates within our recruiting, interviewing, and hiring process, at every level of the organization.

What we are working on