Samantha Rodriguez

Marketing Coordinator

Samantha Rodriguez is the Marketing Coordinator for Brighter Bites. Samantha graduated from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas in 2014 with a degree in communication.

During Samantha’s time at university she served as a digital communications intern for a local farmer’s market. It was this experience that sparked her passion for nutrition and spreading her appreciation for diets rich in fruits and vegetables. Samantha decided she would use her education in communications and marketing as a means to promote healthy diets and lifestyles. Samantha completed her senior capstone project by developing an integrative nutrition education campaign aimed at creating a positive dietary behavior change in Hispanic audiences.

Samantha moved to Houston in 2014, where she spent the first three and a half years of her professional career as a product educator, marketer and event planner in the natural foods industry. Samantha’s excitement and passion for promoting healthy eating habits led her to Brighter Bites. She is thrilled to be joining an organization that provides families with produce and nutrition education to support healthy lifestyles!

Samantha is a health foodie at heart. Outside of Brighter Bites you can find her exploring healthy restaurants and juice bars, as well as blogging about nutritious recipes she’s made in her kitchen. Samantha loves to travel, keep up with the latest health food trends, and practice hot yoga.