Jennifer Gallegos

Program Coordinator

Jennifer graduated from the University of Arkansas with a double major in Political Science and International Studies with a focus on Food insecurity. Learning about the disparity of food left a lasting impact. Jennifer decided she wanted to work for a nonprofit that prioritized giving people more access to nutritious and fresh food after working in a food bank in Madrid, Spain. Jennifer moved to Austin after returning to Arkansas to work with Brighter Bites because their mission aligned with her passion. Jennifer believes nutrition education is an important factor in creating healthy habits that last.

The opportunity to provide fruits and vegetables to children and encourage them to continue to eat well is what Jennifer loves the most! She is so proud to work for an origination that also is able to support local schools. In the future Jennifer hopes to continue to advocate for continual access to fresh produce for more people.
Jennifer’s extroverted personality leads her to spend time with her friends and family when she’s not working. Jennifer’s perfect day in Austin is a day spent on the lake with good food and people.