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Dimitri Antoniou

Schools: Decker Elementary, Odom Elementary, Ortega Elementary, Perez Elementary, Pillow Elementary, Presidential Meadows Elementary

Favorite recipe: Roasted Winter Squash Soup

Rosario Suarez

Schools: Allison Elementary, Barrington Elementary, Baty Elementary, Creedmoore Elementary, Langford Elementary, Manor Elementary Early Learning Center

Favorite recipe: 

Jennifer Gallegos

Schools: Blackshear Elementary, Blake Manor Elementary, Bluebonnet Trail Elementary, KIPP Paseo Elementary, Uphaus ECC, Widén Elementary

Favorite recipe: Avocado Chickpea Salad Sandwich

Veronica Cabrera

Schools: Hart Elementary, Linder Elementary, Oak Meadows Elementary, Rodriguez Elementary, Sanchez Elementary, ShadowGlen Elementary

Favorite recipe: Pasta Primavera

Alison Rodriguez

Schools: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary, Orangewood Elementary, Shirley Lane Elementary, Vineland Elementary, Virginia Avenue Elementary

Favorite recipe: Winter Squash Soup

Adela Renteria

Schools: Charlie McKamy Elementary, Felix G. Botello Elementary, Foster Elementary, RISD Academy, Stevens Park Elementary, Tosch Elementary

Favorite recipe: Apple-Banana Breakfast

Bella Iwhiwhu

Schools: Ascher Silberstein Elementary, Caillet Elementary, Eddie Johnson STEM Academy, Henrie Elementary, Nancy Cochran Elementary, Peeler Elementary

Favorite recipe: Black-Eyed Peas Rainbow Salad


Briana Compton

Schools: Dr. MLK Jr. Arts Academy, Harmony Science Academy Plano, Highland Meadows Elementary, Manara Academy Irving Elementary, Peabody Elementary, Preston Hollow Elementary

Favorite recipe: Black Bean Dip

Isabel Games

Schools: Arturo Salazar Elementary, Bethune Elementary, Celestino Soto Elementary, Gilbert Cuellar Elementary, Pirrung Elementary, San Jacinto Elementary

Favorite recipe: Corn Guacamole

Sheryl Vicente

Schools: Arcadia Park Elementary, David G. Burnet Elementary, Keyes Elementary, McKenzie Elementary, Nathan Adams Elementary, Rose Haggar Elementary

Favorite recipe: Carrot Cupcakes

Alexander Rodriguez

Schools: Betty Best Elementary, Bissonnet Elementary, Cummings Elementary, Kennedy Elementary, Mary Holley Elementary, Neff ELC

Favorite recipe: Apple Banana Breakfast

Aneshwa Ghosh

Schools: Davila Elementary, Northline Elementary, Raymond Elementary, Smith Elementary, South Houston Elementary

Favorite recipe: X-Ray Vision Smoothie

Anjanette Nikodym

Schools: Anderson Elementary, Chambers Elementary, Glover Elementary, Harris Academy, KIPP Journey, Valley West Elementary

Favorite recipe: Put-it-on-Anything Pesto

Program Coordinator

Schools: Eliot Elementary, Franklin Elementary, James Deanda Elementary, Lantrip Elementary, Park Place Elementary, Scroggins Elementary

Favorite recipe: Sautéed Brussels Sprouts with Apples and Pecans

Jocelyn Ortega

Schools: Brookline Elementary, Carrillo Elementary, Crespo Elementary, Kelso Elementary, Port Houston, Pugh Elementary

Favorite recipe: Pineapple & Bell Pepper Salsa

Jonathan Hernandez

Schools: Alexander Elementary, Armstrong Elementary, Halpin ECC, James Berry Elementary, Martinez ELC

Favorite recipe: Corn Guacamole

Kayla Mizwa

Schools: Jessup Elementary, Mitchell Elementary, Morales Elementary, Port Houston Elementary, Sparks Elementary, YES Prep Southeast Secondary School

Favorite recipe: Black Bean & Corn Salsa

Juana Flores

Schools: Braeburn Elementary, Ermel Elementary, Goodman Elementary, Hines-Caldwell Elementary, Ridgemont ELC, Ridgemont Elementary

Favorite recipe: Poblano Salsa

Barbara Segundo

Schools: Carroll Elementary, Harmony School of Endeavor, Hill Elementary, Mission Bend Glen, Roosevelt Elementary, Walnut Bend Elementary

Favorite recipe: The Hulk Smoothie

Tibisay Guzman

Schools: Burnet Elementary, Cornelius Elementary, Ninfa ECC, Southmayd Elementary

Favorite Recipe: Crunchy Celery and Apple Salad

Angeles Arroyo

Schools: CNCA Burlington Campus, CNCA Jose A. Castellanos Campus, CNCA Sandra Cisneros Campus, SNCA Jane B. Eisner Campus, CNCA Kayne Siart Campus, St. Anne's Family Services

Favorite Recipe: Sweet Potato Cookies

Angelica Dominguez

Schools: KIPP Academy of Opportunity, KIPP Compton Community School, KIPP Corazon Academy, KIPP Empower Academy, KIPP Endeavor College Prep, KIPP Promesa Prep

Favorite Recipe: Turkey Mushroom Burgers

Anna Wyskowski

Schools: PS 194M, PS 262K, PS 306X, PS 40 The George Washington Carver School, PS 85Q

Favorite recipe:

Iralia Figueroa

Schools: PS 123K, PS 132X, PS 196K, PS 311X, PS 329Q, PS 376K

Favorite recipe: Italian Spaghetti Dinner

Ricky Delgado

Schools: PS 112Q, PS 196K, PS 48X, PS 70Q, PS 92Q

Favorite recipe: Plantain Fries

Anna Miller

Schools: Barcelona Elementary School, Bret R. Tarver Leadership Academy, Sevilla Elementary, Starlight Park School, Tomahawk Elementary School Valencia Newcomer School

Favorite recipe: Banana Ice Cream

Jessica Duran

Schools: Castroville Elementary, Jesse Sanchez Elementary, North Monterey County Head Start, Oak Avenue Elementary, Ord Terrace Elementary

Favorite recipe:

Lorena Perez

Schools: Alisal Community Head Start, Arroyo Seco Academy, First Steps Head Start, Fremont Elementary, Fremont Head Start, Gonzales Head Start, La Gloria Elementary, Martin Luther King Head Start, Oasis Charter School

Favorite recipe:

Adan Tello

Schools: Adams Elementary, Bellaire Elementary, Gillette Elementary, Somerset Early Childhood Elementary, Stonewall Flanders Elementary

Favorite recipe: Apple Banana Breakfast

Mallory Bove

Schools: Barrera Veterans Elementary, Douglas Elementary, Gilbert Elementary, Pecan Valley Elementary, Somerset Elementary, Wright Elementary

Favorite recipe: Avocado Cilantro Yogurt Dip

Leidy Vassell

Schools: Avalon Elementary, Herbert Cambridge Elementary, Lavern Gaynor Elementary, Mike Davis Elementary, RCMA

Favorite recipe: Triple Fruit Coleslaw

Natalie Zamudio

Schools: Golden Gate Elementary, Grace Place for Children and Families, Harlem Heights Community Charter School, Palmetto Elementary, Village Oaks Elementary, YMCA Naples Preschool

Favorite recipe: Poblano Salsa

Geraldine Menjivar

Schools: Berwyn Heights Elementary, Carmody Hills Elementary, Chillum Elementary, Lauren Eleemntary, Wheatley Education Campus, Woodridge Elementary

Favorite recipe: Sweet Roasted Plantains

Leane Balbuena

Schools: Browne Education Campus, Cherokee Lane Elementary, Glenridge Elementary, Mary Harris Elementary, Oaklands Elementary, Thomas Stone Elementary

Favorite recipe: Surprise Fries (Eggplant Dippers)


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