Tessa Sweeney

Program Coordinator

Tessa Sweeney is a program coordinator on the Houston Brighter Bites team. She began her Brighter Bites journey as a program associate in May 2021.

Tessa grew up helping on her family farm and has always had a passion for nutrition and growing food as well as an active lifestyle. She joined the US Army at seventeen and spent three years stationed in South Carolina, Georgia, and Korea.

Tessa received her associate of arts from Daytona State College in Florida, where she was inducted into the Hall of Fame for her work developing community outreach programs as president of the Healthy Roots Nutrition Club. She returned to Texas in 2019 to finish her education at the University of Houston, where she is studying human development and family services.

After work you can find Tessa enjoying the outdoors with her dog, B. They both love kayaking, hiking, spending time with family, and checking out restaurants in the city together—or staying at home snacking on carrots and hummus!