Sonia Montoya

Senior Program Manager

Sonia Montoya is the senior program manager for Brighter Bites in Bakersfield. She moved to Bakersfield in 2019 to attend California State University, Bakersfield. She received her undergraduate degree in Communications with an emphasis in public relations. While attending she gained a passion for sustainability, environmentalism, and addressing food insecurity
amongst her college peers.
Her experience ranges from social media planning, community building, public relations management, and teaching. Sonia found an interest in cooking as a child and tries new recipes every week to expand her culinary reach. She loves trying out vegetarian and vegan food places wherever she goes. She is excited to start working for Brighter Bites because of their dedication to educating children on the values of nutrition and helping build better communities. In her spare time, Sonia loves to spend time with her dog Lola, making art, roller skating, and watching movies.