Nicole Jobson, BSW, CNP

Senior Program Manager

Nicole Jobson is a Senior Program Manager with Brighter Bites. Nicole began her nonprofit management career when she began volunteering with the Coalition for the Homeless of
Central Florida in 2007. She graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in Social Work and a Certification in Nonprofit Management of Public Administration on behalf of the University and the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance. At the University of Central Florida, she won the College of Sciences Award for Outstanding Excellence.

Before joining Brighter Bites in July of 2023, Nicole spent her career in Higher Education, Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault, Affordable Housing, and Specialty Healthcare. Whether working in Civic Education advocating for K12 students and access to education, working at a rape crisis center advocating for victims and educating local school administration on the
necessities of primary prevention education; or ensuring affordable housing for all and optimal patient care for individuals with bleeding disorders, Nicole believes every individual has the right to live a fulfilling life.

Nicole, a native West Indian from the island of Jamaica strongly believes in access to fresh produce and joined Brighter Bites so she can help families in Arizona access fresh food
opportunities she was fortunate to grow up with. Nicole, a compassionate supporter of social issues and dedicated to informing the community on how we can live in a more just society; is an avid reader who enjoys spending her free time traveling the world and embracing new cultures.