Nancy Bernal

Program Coordinator

Nancy Bernal is a Program Coordinator with the Salinas team. Having discovered Brighter Bites during an online search for community resources for families in need, she became the first volunteer for the program in California and was part of the launch in 2021. She continued to support the team as she advanced into the role of intern and is now thrilled to see the organization continue to flourish and be a part of the growth in this new capacity.

Nancy is passionate about nutrition and helping our community live healthier lives. She volunteers with organizations like the Blue Zones Project and plans on furthering her education to pursue a career as a dietitian. On her free time, she enjoys being in nature, trying new things, reading a good book, spending time with friends and family, playing video games with her fiancé, and staying physically active through fun activities like cardio kickboxing or hiking. She has two beautiful cats that brighten her world – a purebred silver spotted Bengal by the name of Zero and an orange Munchkin, Bengal, Manx by the name of Sherbert.