Maryann Aguinaga

Senior Operations Coordinator
Brighter Bites, Dallas

Maryann is a senior operations coordinator for Brighter Bites in Dallas. Maryann has been passionate for our mission from the moment she started volunteering with Brighter Bites in the summer of 2015. Since then, Maryann has served the Dallas team as both a program associate and program coordinator. Maryann is also the lead artist behind the recipe-inspired doodles and illustrations supporting our Nutrition Education efforts.

Maryann’s undergraduate career emphasized Spanish and psychology, and she has continued to pursue studies in nutrition and food science to promote health education in the community.  In the past, Maryann has devoted her time to preparing students of all grade levels for academic success, and she is thrilled to continue making a positive impact on students through Brighter Bites with her passion for nutrition and mental health.

In her spare time, Maryann enjoys going on hikes with her dogs (and spoiling them!), while visiting as many state and national parks as possible. She also enjoys biking scenic trails, traveling, and painting for fun.