Kayla Mizwa

Program Coordinator
Kayla Mizwa is a Program Coordinator for Brighter Bites in Houston. Kayla was born and raised in Houston. She graduated from college in the Fall of 2019 from Texas State University with a degree in Cultural Anthropology. After graduation, Kayla decided to move back home and join the AmeriCorps program though a local non-profit organization that specializes in urban farming. Here, Kayla discovered a passion for local food, sustainable agriculture, nutrition, environmental justice, and child education. This became her passion.
Kayla believes that proper nutrition is a fundamental pillar for a long and healthy life. Therefore, Kayla believes that fresh, healthy, and affordable produce should be considered a right. Kayla is thrilled knowing that she will be able to create change within her community through Brighter Bites. She hopes to one day implement policy that creates a healthier and more sustainable America.