Dallas Riley

Program Coordinator
Brighter Bites Dallas

Dallas Riley is a program coordinator at Brighter Bites in Dallas. If you ask her what her favorite thing in the world is, the answer would be food. Dallas has a life-long passion for cooking, meal planning, and healthy eating. She always jumps at the chance to try an unusual or exotic new fruit or vegetable.

Her favorite part of the job is having the opportunity to share her love for food and cooking expertise with Brighter Bites families. Having spent two years as a program associate with Brighter Bites, Dallas is passionate about the program’s participating families and volunteers, the focus of associate work. The co-op model of the Brighter Bites program speaks to her belief that communities can accomplish amazing things when they work together. Dallas has seen the impact that a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables has on a young mind and body in her foster daughter. By providing her with a variety of fresh options to eat and inviting her into the kitchen to inspire creativity, Dallas has seen her flourish both at home and in the classroom.