Anjanette Nikodym

Program Coordinator

Anjanette Nikodym is a program coordinator for Brighter Bites in Houston. She began working with Brighter Bites as a volunteer. Knowing Brighter Bites is where she could make a difference in families’ lives, Anjanette pursued a position as a program associate, which she started in the summer of 2018, and then became a coordinator in summer 2020.

Anjanette was born and raised in California. She moved to Houston with her husband to attend the University of Houston, graduating with her undergraduate degree in public health. She has always been an advocate for healthy eating, but throughout college she knew her passion would be to fight childhood obesity and food insecurity in Houston. Anjanette believes that providing families with the right tools and resources can empower them to eat healthier.

Anjanette and her family love to garden and want to own a small farm one day. She loves to try new foods, sing and dance with her daughters, watch movies, go to the beach, and enjoy the outdoors.