Aneshwa Ghosh

Program Coordinator

Aneshwa’s passion to serve the community has resulted in rich experience working in the nonprofit sector. A Post-graduate in Human Resources Management, Aneshwa is a lifelong learner, and is embarking on her Masters in Social Work (MSW) with the University of Illinois, to serve the community better.

Aneshwa is particularly driven by helping the underprivileged members of the community. Her areas of focus include importance of education, healthy eating habits, and resettlement services for refugees and newcomer immigrants in North America.

Born and raised in India, food was always a big part of her cultural background. With time she got the opportunity to work, live and travel in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, North and South America. Through these travels she realized that FOOD is the unifying factor that brings people together, irrespective of cultural backgrounds.

Aneshwa is a fitness enthusiast and has always believed in and followed a healthy lifestyle. She has experienced firsthand the connection between healthy eating and mental/physical wellbeing, and now wants to share her experience through her work at Brighter Bites.

When not working, Aneshwa loves to travel to different places, try new cuisines, go for her runs/hiking, or simply practice yoga and meditation. She has 2 pet dogs and is particularly fond of furry friends.