Adela Renteria

Program Coordinator

Adela spent her whole childhood playing soccer until she got a scholarship to a junior college. As semesters went by she knew she wanted to help people so Adela started studying for Physical Therapy. After Adela finished two years she moved to Austin and got her first job at the YMCA. Adela realized then that she had a passion working with children. So then she went on and started as a Teacher Assistant at a Montessori school. It helped her understand children more and how important it is to teach them at such a young age. Eight years later Adela moved back to her hometown and decided to start over. She worked as a Montessori Teacher in Dallas for toddlers but she knew she wanted to do more. Fast forward to today, Brighter Bites has been the best decision Adela has made. She always said to herself “Hay mas felicidad en dar que recibir” in other words “There is more happiness in giving than