Thompson Families are One in a Melon


Brighter Bites would not be able to run successfully without our dedicated volunteers at Thompson Elementary. Last week, I sat with two of our volunteers, Dr. Marie Horton and Norma Perez, to discuss how Brighter Bites has benefited their families and community. Dr. Marie Horton is a proud mother of a PK teacher at Thompson. She spends as much time as she can at the school, volunteering her time to help students and busy teachers. Her Thursdays, however, are dedicated to helping Brighter Bites. When asked how fresh produce has benefited her life and the Thompson community, she said, “The fruits and vegetables encourage healthy eating in our community. Brighter Bites is beneficial for families because it introduces us to produce that we wouldn’t normally buy at the store.” When asked what her favorite part of Brighter Bites was, she said, “That’s easy: the literature. The nutrition handbooks are easy to read and are perfect tools in the kitchen.”  Holy Guacamole! That is exactly what we love to hear. The nutrition handbook has provided Dr. Horton with healthy tips and money-saving skills, such as making smoothies and freezing vegetables for soups. Norma Perez has two children at Thompson Elementary.  Last week, I spoke with Norma and her daughter, Payton, about how Brighter Bites has changed their eating habits. Norma said, “Produce is expensive, so Brighter Bites is helping me save money that can go to other expenses. We are trying new fruits and vegetables. My family is able to eat our favorite foods together, without me going to a grocery store.” Norma’s daughter, Payton agrees. Her two favorite fruits are grapes and pineapples; so, she was more than excited to receive BOTH fruits last week. Both Dr. Horton and Norma Perez agree that fresh fruits and vegetables are luxuries for many families at Thompson Elementary. Because of Brighter Bites, parents give their kids healthy treats after school and the kids love every minute of it. Everyone at Thompson Elementary appreciates the produce, education, and snacks from Brighter Bites, and we too appreciate our volunteers who make each week possible.