Teaming Up the Mills Way


At Roger Q. Mills Elementary in Dallas, parent involvement is not only recognized, it is also cherished. Two committed volunteers that you will find in the parent involvement room at Mills almost every day of the week are Fay Craig and Samira Sawaqed. These two wonderful ladies work tirelessly to ensure that they are actively participating in their children and grandchildren’s education and school activities, one of them being Brighter Bites. While Samira finishes packing the last items of fresh produce in the Brighter Bites bags at record speeds, Fay is setting up the rosters and parent sign in sheets, ready to greet the families with a smile. Samira’s enthusiasm is overwhelming. “To put it simply,” she says, “I just love Brighter Bites!” Fay loves the program’s mission and the positive affect it’s having on many Mills families, including her own, to eat better quality foods, ensure that the children are well nourished and prepare the students to focus in the classroom. The can-do attitude of these two champion volunteers adds up to a winning formula for Brighter Bites’ success.