Teaching CATCH at Lantrip Elementary

This week, Molly, Mike, and I taught CATCH lessons to the 1st graders at Lantrip Elementary School in Houston. We each taught two classes about the CATCH concepts of “GO” and “WHOA.”  We discussed the importance of being healthy by eating GO foods and doing GO activities – the ones that a parent, coach, or pediatrician would green light or say “yes” to, instead of “not now” or “no.” The kids’ responses and feedback during the lessons created a fun and energetic atmosphere. Their eyes lit up when we talked about the fruits and vegetables they enjoy like strawberries, apples, broccoli, and carrots.


They drew colorful pictures of healthy foods when we asked them to represent their favorite fruits and vegetables. I noticed their excitement when they spoke about activities like swimming, jumping, running in the park, and playing organized sports. The first graders at Lantrip have learned the concept of making healthy choices. The CATCH curriculum has helped light a spark within the students there and we at Brighter Bites hope to keep it going with the fruit and vegetables we give them in their bags each week.