Humans of Brighter Bites (August 2017, 3 of 3)


“They like Louisiana cooking. Like my oldest, she just started eating crawfish. She was like ‘I like it whether it’s too spicy to hot just right’. She eats Sushi. Yeah, me and her both started eating sushi” Referring to her youngest, “This one, she would eat pasta all day cause that’s all she would eat. Oh, she would eat fruits and vegetables. They would eat green beans and peas and corn mixed together with a little bit of garlic powder. Now, I’m drinking a lot of smoothies, eating a lot of fruits, and vegetables. I do things like my meat is baked or grilled now, it’s not fried. I still do the pasta every now and then. The only time I have a craving for fried food is if I’m homesick. Other than that I don’t have that craving for it then I won’t make it. The only time I have a craving for fried food is if I’m homesick.”


Humans of Brighter Bites is a series that captures how Brighter Bites volunteers, participants, teachers, and supporters connect with food. Check back here for each installment of the current story and each month for a new story.