Humans of Brighter Bites (August 2017, 1 of 3)


“I’m full born raised in New Orleans. My mom used to prepare red beans and rice, gumbo, jambalaya, dirty rice, cabbage, pasta, crawfish, crabs – all the seafood. I moved to Texas after Katrina. I was a sophomore in High School. Luckily me, my sister, and my cousin was able to get out because my sister was working at a nursing home at the time and so they gave like the employees a room for the family. When they said that New Orleans was flooded, we couldn’t go back home so we wound up going to Vacherie, Louisiana where my dad’s family is at and we stay with them until they were able to get out. When they got out, they went to Alabama to Texas, and then my daddy left Texas to come and pick us up.”

Humans of Brighter Bites is a series that captures how Brighter Bites volunteers, participants, teachers, and supporters connect with food. Check back here for each installment of the current story and each month for a new story.